BHRRT: box hill ringwood rail trail documents

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View Committee approved Project Definition Document for advocacy on the BHRRT (100kb pdf)

The Box Hill to Ringwoood Rail Trail: A proposal by Whitehorse Cyclists Inc. July 2010 [pdf file 3MB 35 pages].Launched 2 August 2010.

Download a DL leaflet about the project (pdf file 2MB 2 page DL leaflet)

Box Hill to Ringwood Bicycle Path Connector Feasibility Report 19 September 2011 published by City of Whitehorse.Produced by Parsons Brinckerhoff. Large file pdf.

Whitehorse Cyclists Advocancy group Response to Parsons Brinckerhoff report on the feasibility of the trail. (pdf file 3MB 14 pages).

A Liberal Nationals Coalition government will provide $5 million to fund a 10km bike path to run from Box Hill to Ringwood. Robert Clark Liberal MP 3 Nov 2010 now Attorney-General and Finance Minister.$5M pledge by Robert Clark for Liberal National Coalition November 1 2010. (pdf file 120 kb 2 pages)

MP for Mitcham Dee Ryall's press release 31 March 2011 supporting the project and the $5 funding promise.(pdf file 1 page 53 kb)

July 2012 Acting Planning Minister Michael O'Brien media release concerning special funding of $1.5 million. July 26 2012.Sorry: 2 Document no longer available on the original site. $1.5 million towards connectivity improvements: Media release (web page) related to Box Hill Ringwood Rail Trail Premiers web page Media Release( pdf file 165 kb)

Hansard Aug-Dec 2014 Page 2734 MP Dee Ryall "Box Hill Ringwood Trail Government has listened" Statement to Victorian State Parliament of Dee Ryall MP for Mitcham 19 August 2014 re the opening of Mitcham section of the trail re contribution of Whitehorse Cyclists to the project.

Whitehorse Leader page 5 article May 15 2013 regarding commencement and budget for the trail: statements from Terry Mulder, Minister for Public Transport and Road, and Dee Ryall MP Member for Mitcham. ( pdf file 64 kb 1 page)

Vic State Govt fact sheet September 2013 regarding works done and planned.(pdf file 266 kb 2 pages)

BHRRT project. Winning nomination for Sustainability Award 2011 City of Whitehorse Summary ( pdf file 43 kb 1 page) and Detailed paper (pdf file 101kb 5 pages)

project feasilbity study cover

Setting the Context Speech by David Simm, Bicycle Path Development Coordinator, Whitehorse Cyclists the August 2010 launch of the BHRRT Proposal [pdf file 80kb 3 pages]

The  original Feasibility Study for Eastern Rail Trail, Parklinks Pty Ltd for the Cities of Whitehorse and Boroondara, June 1996: 2MB pdf file

Letter 6 May 2010 on behalf of Minister of Transport Pakula re government assessment of BHRRT:small pdf file

Letter to The Age published March 16 2010 re the BHRRT concept especially regarding its potential for school children's needs. Pedals without paths(web page)

Speech by Mike Symon ( Federal member for Deakin, Australian Labor Party) March 18 2010 commenting in part on the the BHRRT (web page)

Statement of support of BHRRT by Greens Party October 21 2010. (pdf file 33kb 1 page)

Statement of support of BHRRT by Sheridan Lewis Greens Party candidate for Mitcham received November 11 2010. ( pdf file 53 kb 1 page)

Bicycle Network Victoria review of the project to now

City of Whitehorse Bicycle Strategy 2016(Link to large pdf file on the City of Whitehorse web site)

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BHRRT: An idea whose time has come!    BHRRT: An idea whose time has come!    BHRRT: An idea whose time has come!  

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